About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I hope you enjoy looking around <3  

Who Am I?

Short version: Amy 
Long version: 
blogger /reviewer / film fanatic / coffee addict / book nerd / aspiring author / INFJ / child of God / a feminist  

What I Love

Some of the things I love:

- books
- movies
- flowers
- capable heroines
-the rain
-beautiful tragedies
-food in general
-family and close friends
- feminism
- healthy romance
- girls supporting girls

What I Do

I write, I read, I watch movies, I stalk celebrities (#sorrynotsorry), I make lists, I stress over petty things, I over-organise, I crush on fictional characters, I talk to myself, I get extremely hyper when I get movie posters to hang up in my room, I freak out in social situations, and yeah I'll stop now because you're probably thinking "Wut the heck is wrong with her?!"  

What will you find on my blog

Book reviews, Film reviews, Writing posts, and anything to do with books or movies or fandoms :) 

I love meeting fellow bloggers and writers and film fanatics and bibliophiles, so feel free to connect with me and let's chat! 


  1. Hi Amy! Thanks for your comments on my blog. :) Your blog is cool; I like your Movie Reviews page, organization & lists make me happy. ;)

    1. Hi! My pleasure :) Aww thank you, I'm glad you like them.
      Have a lovely day, and thanks for that sweet comment :)

  2. Oh Amy! This is the first time I'm visiting your about me page! You're so fricking cute! <3 That is a lovely picture!And YAY for being a feminist and fangirl! :)

    1. Haha well I've changed it a lot, so yeah!! Haha thank you!! (Is that a compliment?!)
      YAY BACK!! <3


  3. Hi, Amy!
    I too am a...
    a writer, 
    a coffee addict,
    a book nerd,
    a movie fanatic,
    a fangirl,  
    and a child of God!
    But I'm not so sure about feminist, maybe just a little.. ;)

    1. That makes me so happy!! Nice to meet you!! I'm gonna check out your blog now :)
      Hehe ;)


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